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The Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing Tasks

Digital marketing has permanently changed how businesses of all sizes advertise their products and services. It has also increased its complexity, labour intensity, and time requirements. The truth is that repeated marketing duties take up roughly 40% of the time of the average marketer. Although these duties are crucial for achieving success in digital marketing, they frequently divert attention from more strategic, value-adding initiatives.

In such a case, marketing divisions are consequently experiencing more and more pressure. This vital business function is finding it more and harder to scale its operations and effectively present a strong return on investment due to under-resourced personnel.

That said, outsourcing marketing functions is a realistic opportunity to raise the volume of critical duties in this area without significantly increasing labour costs.

Which Marketing Services Can I Outsource?

Any roles, responsibilities, or services that your company needs can be outsourced. However, in a situation like this, firms typically preserve key positions even while nearly their entire marketing team may be outsourced. Depending on your organisational needs, some offer only one or two functions while others have more.

You might start by identifying time-consuming and technical duties within your marketing team to determine what responsibilities can be outsourced.

Due to the fact that many conventional marketing services and roles are online in nature (depend primarily on digital technology to accomplish a huge majority of their job), they can be outsourced. Your team can brief them on tasks via cloud-based sharing tools. The following are only a few of these positions, but there are even more beyond our list.

Copywriters and Content Writers

Depending on your company’s needs, outsourcing tasks can assist by producing social media copy, blog pieces, newsletter content, and so forth.

Graphic, Video and Web Designers

These employees can edit movies, make animations, design print and digital advertising, and oversee the general brand requirements for your company.

SEO or SEM Specialists

Outsourcing can help with all SEO and SEM implementation projects, whether it’s conducting keyword research to optimise the content on your website or managing Adwords ads for your company.

Social Media Specialists

Outsourcing can also assist with the execution of all social media initiatives, carry out social listening, keep track of all engagement, and tailor activities based on performance.


Outsourcing is an effective way to improve the output of your marketing team. Through it, you can gain access to new skills and expertise, streamline operations and processes, reduce costs, and take advantage of the latest technologies. It can also provide the flexibility needed to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of marketing quickly.

With the right partner, you can create a more efficient, effective, and profitable marketing strategy.

If you are looking for reliable marketing support in Perth, WA, look no further than our expertise here at Your Hive. Helping businesses thrive is in our DNA, specialising in Business Management, Marketing Support, Project Supervision, and Event Management Services. Call us today, and let us help improve your marketing team’s output in no time!

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