Why LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. It is an essential part of business marketing and communication.

From establishing a professional brand presence; to building a network and creating trusted relationships, to demonstrating leadership through engaging content, LinkedIn has a place for every business and every professional.

Statistically LinkedIn in 227% more effective for leads than Facebook or Twitter. 65% of Australian small businesses are NOT using LinkedIn as part of their marketing, yet over 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Engagement Strategy.


LinkedIn is all about engagement. Think of it as a networking room that you walk into, except this is virtually. When we work with you, we customise the strategy for you personally.

We review every section of your profile, and your Company Page. A full report is given to you with recommendations for implementation.

We monitor your profile and page and let you know when marketing needs to be actioned. We can validate connection requests to ensure your network is optimised.

We help ensure that your profile and page are on brand and engaging. LinkedIn is about real connections, and relationship development, not selling, so your page should look and feel entirely real.

Engaging and relevant content can be created through article recycling, which can be used more effectively reach your wider network.

Throughout this process, we are checking in on your metrics, to see how engaged your connections are with you, what is working, what isn’t and making adjustments accordingly.

Key Benefits of LinkedIn.


Improve the positioning of your profile to allow people to get to know you. LinkedIn is not about selling, but developing relationships. Much like face to face networking, first impressions count.

When your profile is correctly set up, it holds the most promise for you to grow your visibility and be found for your expertise.

Increase your credibility in your area of expertise and industry by sharing relevant and engaging content, providing advice, and giving information to your wider network.

Establish likeability, attract engagement and build relationships within your network. It’s not about selling, but being a trusted source of information, so that people will recommend you as an expert.

Attract and engage with your target market to grow your network and build relationships that can convert to business. Conversations build trust, and trust builds business.

How LinkedIn Works.


The steps to building your LinkedIn engagements are:

  • Reviewing your Profile and Company pages
  • Written Articles & Connection Engagement
  • Article content recycling

Your Profile Review is a full report on your Profile and Page including an activity report.

You supply us with a written article, we will source the imagery, and do the hashtag research prior to publishing it on your Profile.

We can go one step further, and recycle your articles for engaging more people in your connection audience.

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