Why Facebook and Instagram?


With billions of active users across both platforms, Instagram and Facebook provide businesses with a powerful opportunity to reach and engage with their audience.

A strong, cohesive presence across both social media channels allows businesses to develop an identifiable brand story and build a connection with their customers. Businesses without a targeted social media strategy are missing out on a fast, inexpensive way to get their brand message to customers.

The statistics speak for themselves: Facebook has 2.38 billion active monthly consumers, with Instagram users reaching the 1 billion mark monthly.

We believe that a strong social media strategy strengthens a company’s brand identity. A positive identity leads to consumer loyalty, which transfers into sales. Social media for business is no longer optional, it is a necessity to develop a digital storytelling strategy that connects you with your customers.

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Facebook & Instagram Engagement Strategy.


Instagram and Facebook are all about developing interesting content to attract your customers’ attention. Your company needs to stand out from the crowd, and a highly effective way to do this is by ensuring a strong digital media presence.

Our approach is unique. We recognise the value of your content, and we are able to tailor it to suit multiple platforms in order to provide you with maximum brand exposure. Our system is tried and tested, with the cornerstone being a strong understanding of your brand.

We look at the consistency of your brand across your platforms, and analyse the metrics of your pages to date. A comprehensive social media audit allows us to create a digital storytelling strategy unique to your brand, that is authentic and engaging.

Your customers’ journey is always at the forefront of our mind, ensuring that we optimise usability and efficiency of the various platforms. We keep an open line of communication with you, to allow for flexibility in brand identity.

High quality content curation that is always on brand.

Key Benefits of Facebook and Instagram.


Increase brand awareness through the active and passive engagement of social media users. 60% of Instagram users say that they discover new products and services via the platform. The power of effective hashtags can make your company visible to new customers. And we know all the hashtag tips and tricks to drive traffic to your page.

Connect with your customers in a genuine, authentic way. Social media platforms provide you with the opportunity to create real connections with your brand and your target audience. You can introduce your followers to the people behind your brand, as well as showcasing your products and services via a storytelling strategy.

Stay relevant, stay fresh, stay ahead of the game. Most social media users log in to their accounts on a daily basis, often checking their digital channels multiple times a day. Social media provides brands with the opportunity to engage with their audience throughout the day. Experts in social media management understand how to harness this advertising potential, and grab the attention of their audience via engaging, interesting, and relevant content that is always on-brand.

How Facebook and Instagram Works.


The steps to building your Facebook and Instagram engagements are:

    • Reviewing your Facebook and Instagram pages
    • Strategic planning of content going forward
    • Engaging and relevant content curation.


Your page and profile reviews are conducted in a live session, so we can really dig deep to understand you, your business and your brand.

We will work on a unique digital story telling strategy plan, to really make the most of your business story and plans.

We will cross-purposed your content, so it is optimised to each platform for increased audience engagement results.

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