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Social Media Marketing: Key for Startups & Small Businesses

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At present, social media platforms are evolving at a rapid pace. They are constantly replacing features that have existed for years, adding new ones that weren’t there before, and creating distinct ways to interact with the site. 

Social media is a constantly changing world. If you are not updating your social media profiles regularly to follow these changes, you can guarantee you are missing out on opportunities.

As the saying goes, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Staying up to date with the changing world of social media can help you remain part of the solution. It can aid you with growing your following and generating revenue.

Social Media Marketing Unlocks Many Benefits

The one thing that most successful brands have is a strong online presence. If you’re looking to develop and scale your startup or small business into a successful one, you need to do more than just open a shop—you have to build a marketing campaign with a strong social media presence.

To be more than just a storefront with a proverbial “open for business” sign, it will help to harness the power of social media and market yourself. Regardless of your industry, social media marketing is essential to the success of your business.

Here are some key reasons why:

1. Trust and Credibility Building

You can use social media to build trust and credibility with your brand. You can do this by sharing your company’s values and vision,and by interacting with your audience. This increased visibility can help you strengthen your brand image and overcome scepticism from potential clients and customers.

2. Driving Conversions

Customers are more likely to convert if you can give them a personal connection with your brand. You can achieve this by giving them more information about your business and sharing industry-related content. The goal is to present yourself as an authority in your industry, which will make your content more trustworthy.

3. Establishing Brand Awareness and Authority

Social media can help you improve brand awareness. If you post relevant content, you can discover a new audience, which can expand your reach. Additionally, when content is industry-related, your brand can gain credibility and establish authority amongst the competition.

4. Generating Leads

You can use social media to generate leads for your business. This is possible because you can utilise social media to identify leads. You can target leads that are already interested in your product or service and other offers.

5. Improving SEO

Social media can help enhance your SEO. If you post content on your social media pages with keywords and links to your website, you can look forward to increasing your website’s search engine rankings.


Social media marketing holds so many advantages that it would be remiss for small businesses and start-up companies not to take advantage of it. The return on investment comes in short-term and long-term ways. Benefits include SEO improvement, lead generation, and establishing brand awareness and authority.

Need to get social media management in Perth? Reach out to Your Hive today! Our entire goal is to help businesses to thrive through our wide range of services.

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