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How to Come Up With An Effective HTML Email Design

You may choose between plain text and HTML emails for your email marketing efforts. Simple text without images or complex embellishments is available in plain text email with practically all email programs and providers. 

On the other hand, HTML-based email design gives you the same flexibility to utilise any image, typography, and layout as you would on a web page. Even though it is less compatible than a plain text email, it typically yields better results.

HTML allows you to create stunning emails with lots of aesthetic appeal. Instead of just plain text, HTML email design enables you to use various colours, pictures, backgrounds, and fonts.

You may express yourself artistically and enhance the impact of your message by using an HTML email design. You may make an email that closely mimics a page on your website by using the same images, colours, and design themes.

You may design an engaging HTML email however eye-catching and interactive you desire. Here is more information on HTML emails and where to find email marketing services in Perth. 

How To Design HTML Emails

The design of an HTML email is the same as that of an HTML webpage. Using HTML code, the base page is supplemented with various formatting information. 

Most HTML coding is now done using drag-and-drop editors, which lets you produce visually pleasing emails without manually entering challenging programming code.

HTML also allows for the use of interactive and responsive components. An HTML email can contain user forms, call-to-action buttons, links to other online resources, and other dynamic components.

Before HTML-based emails entered the email marketing landscape, companies interacted with customers using plain text emails. 

These days, they send straightforward emails with eye-catching graphics, links to other websites, and even online surveys. 

One of the numerous advantages of an HTML email message is that it may include your branding and appear to be your website. You may embellish it with pictures, graphs, and a style that will surprise your audience. What then may be included in an HTML email?

Videos & Images

With images, your email will be more visually attractive and dynamic. Since HTML-based emails allow you to incorporate eye-catching images that enhance the aesthetic value of your communication, your readers will find them more engaging than only text-based emails. 

The saying “an image tells a thousand words” is true since your clients will understand your message far better with photographs and text than just plain text.

However, using pictures and videos carefully is important since too many photos make your email heavy and difficult to open. Spam filters may prevent emails with plenty of images and videos from reaching your clients. Even if it does, it’s possible that they won’t be able to read your emails contents.

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Links are quite useful for a few reasons. You may incorporate links to articles or opinions from subject-matter experts to make your campaign more interesting. Second, they streamline and condense the entire email. 

For instance, if you sell water filters, you may include a video on your website explaining how the filters work and add a link to the email. Thanks to the links, the emails won’t take too long to open.


The aesthetic quality of the newsletter as a whole has a significant effect. Even if you provide your consumers with fantastic information, they won’t read your email if they don’t like how it appears. 

If you’re going to use a dark text colour, think about choosing a light background colour—preferably white. Avoid using an image as the background of an email unless you are certain your recipients have mail clients that do it automatically.


HTML email design creates email messages that can be read on a web-based email client. This type of email design is necessary because many email clients do not support displaying HTML code. Using HTML email design with the support of a marketing consultant in Perth, email marketers can ensure that the largest number sees their people’s messages possible. 

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