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Facebook Marketing: 5 Advantages for Small Businesses

With 2.934 billion active users every month of the giant social media app Facebook, it is no wonder it is also a primary vehicle for businesses to thrive today. 

Most businesses try to boost conversions by making the most of their large audiences. Experts say that more than 200 million small businesses use Facebook for exposure and advertising worldwide.

Even though some business owners haven’t yet figured out how to use Facebook for advertising, well-optimised Facebook ads can have great results. All you’ve got to do is start a strong campaign to get Facebook likes.

As the number of “likes” on your Facebook business page increases, more people are likely to learn about you. This is pivotal for building brand awareness and making a better first impression.

Here are five advantages of Facebook marketing for small businesses:

1. It’s Promoting Your Content

You can use Facebook Ads to offer products or services and promote content that can reach hundreds or even thousands more people if you put money behind it. Then, these different points of view can help you achieve the goals you set for your content strategy.

When deciding which posts to promote, you might be tempted to choose the ones that aren’t doing well so that the number of views is more spread out. 

However, because Facebook’s advertising system favours more interesting content, sharing your most popular work will make more people want to read it and increase engagement.

2. You Can Use Remarketing to Your Advantage

Do you ever feel like an ad is following you everywhere you go? You learned about a brand and now see their ads in your Facebook feed. It’s called “remarketing.” Facebook advertising can be shown to people who have already done something with your brand. 

This can happen when someone visits the site, adds something to the shopping cart, fills out a squeeze page, or just looks at the “contact us” page. You can drill down to any step your potential customer took before leaving, no matter why.

You should market to these people because they may have just gotten busy and left, not because they decided your product or service isn’t for them. People who already know your brand are more likely to buy from you, which makes your job easier.

3. It Can Help in Setting Your Goals

Another good thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can make campaigns with different goals. This is whether you want to get people to visit your page, drive sales, spread the word about your brand, or just get your message out to as many people as possible.

Since advertising can be so specific, it’s essential to know what you want from the start and choose your methods accordingly. Even better, if you can’t decide, you can make different ad packages with varying setups if you can’t make up your mind. Then, you can compare what you found to see which one gets the most leads.

4. It Has Customer Support

Facebook marketing can actually help you keep your customers happy. If you don’t have a customer service line or don’t want people calling your personal number, your Facebook page’s a great way to stay in touch. It lets your customers get the information and help they need and see what other people say.

5. It Can Get People to Visit Your Site

Notably, you can’t say enough about how important organic traffic is to a website. You can send people to your website by running ads on Facebook. 

Even though most people use Facebook to connect with others and have fun, they are more likely to visit your website if the content you share interests them. The only way to do this is to create exciting content that makes people want to check out your site.


Instead of giving money to scams that promise to bring traffic to your website, you could spend time sharing content on different Facebook pages to get more likes. This makes it so much more likely that you’ll get real followers and more people to visit your website.

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