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Etiquette Rules for Email Marketing Businesses Should Follow

Good manners in email marketing should be similar to good manners in any written type of communication that marketers may use to connect with potential customers. Since email marketing is a form of written communication, you should take full advantage of words and visuals to increase the profitability of your email marketing. This blog post will shed light on the best ways to achieve this goal. 

Etiquette Rules for Email Marketing Businesses Should Follow

1 – Your subject line should never be deceptive

Deceptive and “clickbaity” subject lines are a big no as they create doubt in the mind of your subscriber. That’s why you should never use a subject line that is likely to make the reader think they are being sold to when the email is only going to inform the subscriber about an interesting bit of news or the latest update of your website. Also, never use a subject line that is too complicated for the reader to understand. Some people will simply delete the email if you do not use a subject line that goes straight to the point.

2 – Double-check your links and images

Always double-check the links and images within your email. Avoid using any broken or redirected URLs within your email. Make sure that all of your links in the email lead to a comment section within your website, a page that has more information about your product or a page of your website that tells a better story about your business.

3 – Your email should be relevant to the reader

This is a very important rule in email marketing. The only way to increase the chance of your email actually being read by the subscriber is by making sure that your content is relevant to what their biggest needs and interests are. For example, an email about a product that almost every woman would be interested in would get much more attention than a subject line about the same product but to men only.

4 – Ask permission

Always ask the reader for their consent before you send them an email. You can do this by using an Opt-in form, asking for their email address. This way, you will also be able to know more about your subscriber if you are launching a campaign.

5 – Never use offensive language

Every email you send should be grammatically correct and free of any offensive language, such as cursing or sexual references. The language you use in your emails should be considerate of your reader.

6 – Don’t sell too hard

Your objective should be to create a sense of trust and credibility in your business throughout all the emails you send. If you are too pushy, this will only get you unsubscribers. So, your objective should be to inform and not to sell. Once you have established this trust, your subscribers will feel more comfortable purchasing your products or services.


Email marketing is effective when you know how to approach your subscribers. Like anything else in life, it takes some time to master. But when you do, you can see that it is very efficient if you know how to do it correctly. Follow these rules, and you will see how effective your emails can be and how your subscriber list will grow.

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