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Email Marketing’s Top 5 Advantages for Small Businesses

Email marketing is crucial to any marketing strategy, with high deliverability and conversion. In fact, there are a staggering 333.2 billion daily sent emails

This is why email marketing can be used to deliver unparalleled value to your audience in a meaningful way. It can supply your company with many benefits, including increased sales, engagement, and revenue. Every dollar spent on email marketing generates an incredible ROI of $51 per dollar invested, making it the king of marketing.

Thus, it’s no longer a surprise why email is a priority for 82 per cent of B2B/B2C companies, and 95 per cent of companies use automation to drive their marketing campaigns. In fact, more than 290 billion emails are sent every day, which is predicted to increase to 347 billion emails by 2023.

For this reason, business owners should use this marketing giant even more. If you need more convincing, here are email marketing’s top five advantages for small businesses:

Create Your Distinct Brand

For businesses, email marketing is a great way to connect with clients and potential customers since it gives you direct access to their incoming emails. Maintaining a consistent voice, style, and image for your subscribers is easier with regular updates.

Each email is an opportunity to communicate with your readers and further cement your distinct brand identity in their minds.

Email Is Fully Trackable, Less Intrusive, and More Memorable

There is no doubt that email is the most trackable online marketing method. Email allows you to determine your customer’s actions on emails (opening, clicking, time of day, etc.), providing rich data to optimise your marketing strategy.

Email’s popularity is due to the easy and convenient way to communicate with your customers. A user can choose which emails they want to get and can also unsubscribe at any time. They can check their emails at their own pace instead of being bombarded with ads on their phones.

Moreover, customers are more willing to open an email than an ad. This is because of the familiarity and trust they’ve formed with the brand, prompting them to open email marketing messages.

Establish Solid Customer Ties

Customers like to know that you care about them and keep up with what’s going on at your business. Email is the best approach to reach out to your customers with an update swiftly.

The most recent product launch, your next big event, and other business news are excellent topics for frequent emails. If a consumer decides to receive emails from you, you should not be afraid to send them emails and make touch with them.

Email Marketing Is Cost-Effective 

For all kinds of businesses, it’s apparent that email marketing is one of the best ways to save time and money. Quality, email marketing campaigns can be created in a short period. Sending emails to a large number of recipients is also highly cost-saving. Rather than spending money on expensive direct mail, you may send your message directly to potential customers’ inboxes via email.

Thus, email marketing is indeed one of the most cost-effective marketing accessible to your company, dollar for dollar.

Build the Credibility of Your Company

One of the significant challenges for a small business is establishing trust. Consumers are more likely to believe well-known brands because of their familiarity and trust in these well-known companies.

You can stay connected with customers or clients and keep them informed about your business using email marketing. They’ll have more faith in your company if they’ve heard more about it.

Conclusion: Email Marketing Is a Good Investment

With the endless number of marketing platforms available today, it is impossible to focus on everything. This is why email marketing still remains a top priority for most businesses. Using email marketing would give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. It can also provide you with various benefits, including higher sales, higher conversion, and higher ROI.

If you need excellent and reliable services for email marketing in Perth, Your Hive can help you come up with compelling eNewsletters. We can establish a successful email marketing strategy and combine your website, email platform, online store, and analytics to develop your business’s finest email marketing strategy. Ready to get started? We’d love to chat and work with you today!

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