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Essential Tips on Driving Your Holiday Sales With Instagram

Most of us look forward to the holiday season and all the activities it entails, such as gift-giving, so it’s no surprise that 40% of customers start buying before Halloween.

What’s the bottom line? It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas marketing. And, if you want to remain ahead of your competitors vying for the same attention, you should diversify your marketing platforms with highly-effective media pages like Instagram.

How to Boost Your Instagram Sales This Holiday Season

Customers are savvier than ever. It doesn’t take much time or effort to complete research before making a purchasing choice, and bargain-hunting is on the rise. Customer reluctance is your worst enemy when it comes to closing seasonal sales. As a result, knowing how to drive interest and traffic to your business is essential.

Let’s talk about four ways to increase holiday sales with Instagram:

1. Use limited-time offers and deals

Believe it or not, time-limited offers and deals still work. Why? Because our brains work in the same way as when we were cavemen. We’re wired to respond to scarcity: Our brains perceive a limited offer as a lack of supply and then tells us that we need to take action now.

In that way, Instagram is the ideal place to promote any limited-time deal or offer. The trick here is to show the brief amount of time left to purchase the deal and show how many packs or items are still available. That’s because seeing the number of available offers makes the customers feel they’re in control of the situation.

2. Run Contests and Giveaways

The human brain finds free stuff irresistible. When you distribute branded freebies or gift vouchers, you showcase your Christmas products and services, which helps you market them without being overly sales-y.

Instagram contests are just perfect to increase holiday sales because they can promote the product’s benefits, increase the visibility of your brand and help you reach your target audience.

3. Offer Social Proof

Before buying anything, your buyers will research your brand on social media. That’s where social proof comes in handy. Social proof is any form of a public statement from another person that gives credibility to your brand. This form of proof is particularly effective when used on Instagram.

You can use social proof to make your holiday sales more effective by showing customers how popular your brand is and how many customers are recommending it.

4. Share Gift Ideas

Sharing gift ideas is a must for holiday shoppers. If you have a product catalogue or wishlist, you can use it to promote your product to your target audience. But you don’t have to limit yourself to a product catalogue; you can share any gift ideas that you think your audience might find helpful.

For example, if your product works best with a particular product that you don’t manufacture, you can share this information with your target audience.

Another great way to share gift ideas on Instagram is to ask your customers to share their suggestions. That way, you can generate a meaningful conversation and entice your audience to buy your products.


Regardless of your holiday sales approach, the critical factor of your success is to post relevant content to your target audience and holiday shoppers. If your content resonates with your audience, you’ll be able to boost your holiday sales with Instagram.

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