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Why Companies Should Consider Outsourced Marketing in 2022

Have you considered marketing outsourcing? According to Statista’s newest data, about half of all B2B organisations outsource at least some of their marketing, and its popularity has been stable for roughly two decades, according to the Harvard Business Review.

What drives the popularity of marketing outsourcing? Let’s take a brief look at some of the most significant advantages.

What is Outsourced Marketing?

First, let’s clarify what we mean when we say “outsourced marketing.” Marketing outsourcing is a type of business outsourcing where marketing duties are delegated to a marketing agency or in-house marketing team at a lower rate than what the business would pay to its own employees. In short, marketing outsourcing provides a cost-effective alternative to employee overhead.

Benefits of Marketing Outsourcing

1. Increased Efficiency

Outsourcing marketing tasks to a third party with a strong track record and a proven system results in cost efficiencies and increased productivity. When your marketing team is focused on your core business and is not bogged down with administrative tasks, your products, services, and offerings will see more exposure and fewer barriers.

2. Better Communication

While marketing can be glamorous, it’s also often a delicate operation that requires its own language and a fair amount of precision and nuance. When your business goes with an outside agency, you can have more direct communication and involvement with the work being done in the name of your business. It’s easier to make detailed and specific requests when you’re working with marketing outsourcing specialists.

3. More Flexibility

The nature of marketing is that it can change by the day or week depending on what’s happening in the market or in your industry. With marketing outsourcing, your company can easily make adjustments and more nimbly respond to changing market conditions. Rebranding, re-allocating resources, changing a messaging strategy—these types of changes are easier to implement when you’re not dependent on internal resources to implement them.

4. Better Return on Investment

When your business contracts with a third party agency for marketing services, you’ll be able to see tangible and measurable results. You’ll know how much you’re spending, what you’re getting for it, and how your marketing campaign impacts your bottom line and contributes to the business’s success. You’ll also be able to easily make adjustments to the program and see how those changes influence the business.

5. Better Marketing Outcomes

The best marketing agencies in the world are filled with specialists in their fields who are experts at their job and who know how to get the results you want. Whether you need more leads, more traffic, or more sales, marketing outsourcing gives you access to a qualified team of professionals who know how to achieve those goals and who have the metrics to prove it.


If your business is growing, keeping up with all the aspects of your marketing can likely feel like an impossible task. Marketing outsourcing gives you access to a team of specialist who can streamline your efforts and bring you the results you need to grow your business.

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