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Top 10 Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced

Outsourcing is the process through which a company receives a product or service from a third party rather than managing it in-house. As a small business, outsourcing helps you get more done and delegate key activities and processes to specialists without significantly expanding your full-time crew. It enables you to keep expenses under control, boost productivity, and concentrate on the aspects of your business that you like and excel at.

This concept may be used in a variety of business situations. Here are some of the most important places to think about it.

1. Accountancy

Accounting is one of the most popular areas for small businesses to outsource. If you are not a financial specialist, learning all of the processes and compliance requirements that your firm must fulfil can take a significant amount of time and talent. An experienced accountant, on the other hand, may frequently manage this area for numerous enterprises at the same time. This improves efficiency while also saving you money.

2. Marketing

Marketing is another area where you can save time and money by outsourcing. In most cases, a marketing agency focused on small businesses will provide you with a much more comprehensive range of services than you would be capable of providing. They’re also more skilled at developing new ideas and approaches.

3. Web Design

Web design is another task that is a good candidate for outsourcing. In most cases, it’s just not worth your time to learn it and provide it for your own business. Almost all sites require digital marketing. Outsourcing can ensure that you have a skilled person who is an expert in that field.

4. Social Media

One of the most popular areas for outsourcing is social media marketing. So many businesses have trouble figuring out exactly how to use social media to actually benefit their business. There are many different approaches you can take and many different social media platforms you can use. A professional social media marketer can help you find the best approach and then manage the process without distracting you from your day-to-day work.

5. Logistics and Shipping

Furthermore, you may have your production plant or a separate drop shipping business manage the shipment and processing of your items to clients. This is a popular alternative for eCommerce retailers who wish to focus only on their online and marketing efforts.

6. Bookkeeping

This is another area that is often outsourced. Many small business owners simply don’t have the time or skills required to handle the bookkeeping for their business. In most cases, an outsourced bookkeeper is more efficient and much more skilled than a business owner who is doing it themselves.

7. Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service is beneficial when you are a startup and don’t really have the resources to handle customer service. A customer service agency will handle all questions, problems and complaints for you, allowing you to spend more time developing your business and marketing to prospective customers.

8. IT Support

Outsourcing IT support can be a great way to keep your technology running smoothly and ensure that you have the proper backup in place in case something goes wrong. Managing IT support in-house can be extremely time-consuming, stressful and frustrating, whereas an experienced outsourced IT team will be able to sort things out quickly and easily.

9. Human Resources

Many small businesses typically don’t have a need for a full-time human resources specialist. Outsourcing this activity can help you keep costs down while ensuring that the proper employment procedures are followed throughout the hiring process.

10. Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing can be a great idea if you are creating a product, but you don’t have the right equipment to actually manufacture it. In most cases, a factory will be much more efficient at producing your product, while allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


Outsourcing is a great way to handle many of the repetitive and time-intensive tasks you need to do as a small business owner. You can stay focused on your core activities while a professional takes care of the rest. In many cases, it can save you time, money and energy while ensuring that your business is compliant with regulations and easily managed.

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