“Your Hive helped me create a landing page for my book Group Coaching. From taking the brief to delivering the landing page it was easy to work with Your Hive.  The process was broken down so that it was easy to follow using Asana.  It also helped me structure my thinking so I was able to pull together copy from different places.  Their guidance using examples was invaluable.

The end product was really great, looks good and easy to read. I’m so pleased with how they’ve integrated the cover of the book into the landing page – creating a unified theme.

Their professionalism is unquestionable – but their willingness to help and patience are what sets them apart.  They were very helpful and took the pressure off me which I appreciated, particularly as I was grappling with lots of different technology challenges!

Thank you so much Nat and Kat – you are awesome and you know how to get stuff done and support your clients to do the same.  I consider you to be part of my team.” Ro Gorell, Consultant|Coach|Lean Change Agent|Speaker


“Using Your Hive services has helped IRIS to streamline its services across the company, this includes administrative and services that we provide to our clients.  Your Hive continually looks at IRIS to see what business processes can be improved upon and is proactive in providing advice to us in that regard.  In addition, Your Hive has been able to assist IRIS in those times when something unexpected occurs and we have needed urgent, speedy and cost-effective help and support.   The services Your Hive provide are many and varied and we continually call upon them to perform one off tasks and routine day to day business related tasks.

I would recommend Your Hive services for day to day business support as well as those urgent unexpected tasks that occur in all small businesses.  When you need help you need it then and there, and that is where Your Hive are, with you in your business.” Gaynor Deal, Director, IRIS Consulting Group.


“Outback Initiatives has been developing highly effective leaders and teams for over 24 years using rural and remote locations around Australia. We’re pretty good at it actually.
What we’re not good at though, is marketing and IT.  That’s where Your Hive comes in.  Working closely with us, Your Hive have been instrumental in designing and implementing our marketing strategy, process systems, IT, web page design and maintenance, CRM setup up as well as training our staff who would prefer to be out bush. Pretty much doing all the things we’re not good at and frankly, would rather not do!!
Natalie and Katrina have become an integral part of our team and we highly recommend their services to anyone who would rather do what they love, rather than the things they have to do.”
Sheryll Fisher, Owner and Managing Director, Outback Initiatives.


“Katrina & Your Hive are great and is part of our team!!  We have used Your Hive consistently for the past 2 years to manage our LinkedIn account and various other sales or marketing projects.  Katrina is very professional and we have complete confidence in her ability to communicate with our customers on our behalf.” Kimberley Rispin, The Future Trends Group.


“I have been working with Katrina Thomson for over 2 years. Katrina came on board at a time when my business was a relatively new start up. I required an experienced and knowledgeable partner who could assist me with implementing systems and processes required for the business. She advised me as to what the best products were on the market that would benefit my business moving forward.

As my business has grown considerably in the two years we have been working together, Katrina’s position has now evolved into a Business Manager. Her role is to oversee my business and to look at ways that I can better serve my clients. We work closely together and she advises and strategises on the business’ current operating procedures and the changes we can implement to take the business to the next level.

When Katrina become a partner in Your Hive, there was no inclination for me to leave our working partnership. I have been very happy with the smooth transition into working with Your Hive, it was barely noticeable.

Part of Katrina’s role is to make sure that our current processes can support the growth in the business. I seek her advice when I am looking to add to my current team, ensuring that we all share the same vision for the business.

I am an entrepreneur so am always looking to implement new strategies in my business. I value Katrina’s expertise and input in this regard.

Katrina has many years of knowledge and experience working in the corporate sector and in managing her own business. What I appreciate is that she is self-educated and across the board of any new business products and processes that can assist in my ever evolving business.

I have also worked with Natalie Lane and found her to be efficient, knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with.

I have no hesitation in recommending Your Hive for your business requirements.” Deb Macintyre, CEO, Creating Infinite Possibilities.