Setting Expectations…

When you look to engage a support person in your business, you want someone who is going to make your life easier. When setting expectations around delivery of work, there is a simple formula that everyone, no matter what business they are in, should follow. Under promise, and over deliver. Sounds like a simple formula to follow… the reasons why we should all do this are also pretty simple. Don’t tell someone you can do something you can’t.

If you engaged a contractor to build you a house, and they told you that they could get it done in a week – when they didn’t, you’d be pretty disappointed. Similarly, if they told you they were going to build you a 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom mansion, and they built you a tin roof cottage, you’d be wondering what you paid all that money for… it’s the same when it comes to your admin work.

If someone tells you they are a bookkeeper, or an experienced PA, then there is a level of efficiency, proficiency, and professionalism that you would expect that person to achieve. The thing is, when they tell you they can do all of these things, and then constantly fail to meet expectations, it can leave a very sour taste in your mouth about engaging anyone else who says they can do the work you need done. Especially if you’ve had to go back and spend more time fixing their errors before they have far reaching effects.

How do you differentiate between someone who says they are an expert, and someone who actually is an expert though? Ask for references, find out about what work they have done, and how well they did it. Do they have recommendations on their LinkedIn profile? Do they have any longstanding clients, that continue to use their services and trust them? If they are new to the industry, you want to see examples of what they would do in specific situations.

Don’t engage someone in your business who won’t treat it like their own. Engage someone who has experience, and genuinely wants to help you grow and succeed. Experience and skills are something that can be measured by both qualifications, and by simple work experience. It’s important to look at both sides of the coin when you’re considering whether to engage someone to work with you or not. Will the cheaper option actually cost you more in the long run, or similarly, does the more expensive option have the skills required to complete the job necessary.

Value your business, and place value on the people you engage. From our experience, PROVEN skills are the most important aspect when engaging anyone to work with you, and represent your brand, and your business.