Choosing Your CRM.


There are many CRM options available, and we pride ourselves on making sure you are using the one that suits you and your business in the most optimal way.

It’s fundamental that your Customer Relationship Management software will track and manage your interactions with customers and prospects in a way that reflects the intricacies of your business and industry. If you set this up well it will drive your business growth, as well as provide greater efficiencies in your business.

Some of the considerations we work with to establish which CRM is best for your business, is the size of your workforce, the functions the CRM will be required to perform, the pain points your CRM can be used to overcome, your future growth plans, and whether your CRM will also be used as a marketing platform.

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CRM Vendor Selection.


Many CRMs are designed and tailored to specific businesses or industries.

Some examples of popular CRMs and their applications are:

Salesforce: Is a fantastic CRM for medium to large sales organisations.

ServiceM8: The ideal quoting, invoicing and job management CRM for busy tradies.

Agile CRM: An affordable all-in-one CRM for sales and marketing.


Over the years we have worked with many CRM’s for our clients from a wide range of industries. We can therefore cut through the noise and direct you to the best CRM software solution for your business.

Optimising Your Existing CRM.


We work with many businesses who have made the first step and purchased a CRM, but are having difficulty implementing it across their business.

We often find that when trying to import their data into a new CRM, there are issues with not being able to use it, or to get the results from the CRM system they were looking for. Some businesses then revert back to their previous methods.

We can help with step by step processes to get you and your staff comfortable with using it and to completely understand how to  effectively transfer and use your CRM and thus gain significant benefits to your business.

Getting started with your CRM.


At Your Hive, we don’t begin working with a client without a Discovery Session. This is particularly important when looking to implement a system such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

It’s a truly vital step in the process, and can be the decider on whether a system implementation is successful or not.

First, we get an overview of your business, and dig into your Points of Pain, and your Ultimate End Goals.

Then we’ll quiz you on the tangible stuff, your software, systems and processes and see where we can help make improvements.

Then we talk people. Who does what? How can we help you gain efficiencies.

Then we cover the digital realm, from overall marketing strategies, social media presence, reporting and your CRM.

By understanding all aspects of   your business and how it runs, we can find solutions to make it run all the better.

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