A good CRM will track and manage your interactions with customers, prospects, suppliers, and network partners. If you set this up well, it will drive your business growth, automate some of your repetitive administration and marketing processes, all while maintaining your data integrity.


A common problem we encounter is a poorly set up CRM, with unclean data, which results in inefficient use of the system.  Clients will often have data that has multiple duplicate entries, no segmentation or incomplete records rendering the data effectively useless.  When a CRM is not set up correctly, the sales, marketing and automation aspects can be severely impacted, reducing the usability and effectiveness of that system.

We also work with many businesses who have their client data on a spreadsheet, this leaves a lot of systems and processes to be manual.


We often find that when they try to import the data into a new CRM, they have issues with not being able to use it, or get the results from the CRM system they were looking for. Then they revert back to using a spreadsheet. Keeping this data on spreadsheets can lead to major, long term problems with data integrity. Understanding how to clean the data and effectively transfer this into a CRM and gain significant business benefit is required.

Having an effective CRM will take away the business overwhelm and enable you to have a clear ‘big picture’ of your business: accurate task and project status, linked client files to accounting and marketing programs.


A CRM will bring all the pieces of your business (whether sales, marketing or administrative) together into a succinct and efficient business tool.  This central hub of information can contain interactions that you undertake via email, phone calls, sales, web visits, meetings, notes and the list goes on!  More importantly, you can segment your entire database with tags and custom fields so you can sort and target specific sections of your contacts to engage with them in a more useful productive way.

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