The challenge:
In an industry that people do not typically want to talk about, finding new clients can be a challenge. The trick was always going to be about finding a way to connect and engage with people.
Creating advertising campaigns that directly address the need for a legal document in the case of death is never an easy topic. Especially not on Social Media. It’s not something people want to think about. We came up with a strategy to include some organic social media posts to support the advertising that was being done. The ads, and posts are created more to get people to think about their estate planning, rather than sell a product or service, which has been successful for the client.


Katrina and her team conduct The Will Professionals Facebook advertising. They are innovative, responsive and creative. Just what is needed. We are getting good results from their Facebook posts. It’s fantastic to know they are monitoring and always editing and tweaking the posts for better results. They are very professional in the work they produce. Its a relief to know they are on our side in the background getting the results we need – more client enquiry. Thanks Your Hive – Liz Mitchell

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