The challenge:
Your Hive were engaged by a very enthusiastic entrepreneur, with an absolutely amazing idea, and the potential to be an extremely successful business. The problem was they really had no idea where to start, and had grown something from nothing so quickly, they felt like they were drowning.
With no systems, or processes in place, no CRM, and no idea where to start, things could have gone downhill really quickly. After an initial meeting with us, we got onboard as the business manager, and started to help things make sense. We implemented systems and processes, a CRM, and standardised parts of the business


We worked in-line with a marketing company to manage all digital marketing and paid advertising. We strategically manage organic social media content to correctly reflect the business brand, to ensure the business’ image is being correctly portrayed across all platforms.

Helping our client to set up and run training sessions, workshop and retreats – locally, nationally, and internationally. We’ve helped manage everything from initial concept, through to final execution, and post-event follow up, allowing our client to focus on what they really need to focus on.

As we moved them from a start up business to a developing business, we needed to ensure at all times that we maintained a flexible approach, because growth at this stage can be unpredictable. We have a diverse team to draw on and ensured that the correct personnel were available to work on the business growth and provide support, as and when needed.

This ongoing client is moving from strength to strength and really hitting goals.

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