How Can Stock Photos Help You?

Stock photos, they are an amazing resource to you and your designers. But that doesn’t mean they are without risk. The photographers are paid for them but in most cases are placed into the open licence policy agreement that allows people to use them as they need.
Imagine if every time you wanted to put a picture into your presentation or proposal you had to go out and photograph it yourself or pay someone to do it for you? How much time would be saved by just downloading the image and using it?
For the most part these images fall into two categories, Photographs or vector images. If you want to use stock images in your designs you are technically prohibited from using the material without notifying the creator and providing a link to the original image. There are many images out there that are totally royalty free and those can be used without worry. Just be sure to check before using them.
This all being said, don’t go crazy with the pictures, Use them to enhance your work instead of being all it comprises. Use images that go with what you are doing and use them to tie your work together. Don’t use a generic photo without any bearing on what is being said. It’s a good idea to make sure your image physically fits into your work.
Make it look like its meant to be there versus just added in to make it look like your are professional.
Make sure the photo you use fits the background, it can become busy quick and that will do nothing except drive people away.
Since you are working with images now, why not create more than one image set and compare them against each other and get other people’s opinions on your work.
Make sure that these images can be tracked through Google image source.
This will really help you in the future to bring traffic to the site. Don’t use cheesy photos, it goes without saying that a cheesy image is possibly the most destructive thing you can do, you don’t want to have 3, 4, 5 hours of work get ignored because you used the same old generic  boring image every kid uses for their science project…
Here are some places to find images:
Sponsored by the Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal. Life of Pix is home of high-resolution photos. Life of Pix Is affiliated with Life of Vids. Life of Vids provides free video clips. Like the images, the video content contains no copyright restrictions and can be downloaded using a Vimeo account. All content on these sites are public domain and available for both personal and commercial use.
Pexels is a site that is adding 5 new photos a day. These photos are carefully picked from a variety of free image sources to allow you to only be working with the best material. It is also due to the great organisation and a search facility that helps provide what you want when you want it.  All of the photos apply the Creative Commons Zero license so feel free to use them as needed.
Three times a month Unsplash will share 10 “do whatever you want” photos amongst these are some of the most unique photos I have seen to date. With many pages of photos and pictures to choose from. If you are someone who likes or is looking for nature and close up shots of majestic views this is the site to be at. All the photos are high quality and licensed under Creative Commons Zero
Picjumbo has some of the best web and blog images around. New photos unloaded daily and many High quality images for any topic. All photos are given by Vicktor who offers a good deal on memberships with a pack of premium photos delivered every month. Packs vary per months but include unpublished and upcoming images, as well as complete collections.
AJ Montpetit created Lock & Stock as a way to give back to the online community and share his own photos. Anyone interested can sign up for a weekly newsletter and receive exclusive photos and free stuff. The site is easy to use and navigate. Images are easy to retrieve and high quality.
Made by a web designer named Karolina, this site is a fantastic resource. Well organised, clean landing page and search functions adorn the page. A variety of images are covered and anything from a weddings to food to portraits. Users have the freedom to use them for anything they’d like — commercial or not.
While there are no formal attribution requirements, Karolina does ask that you include photo credit with a link back to the site when possible. This is only fair as you profiting from her work and a simple acknowledgment is in order.
All the photos on Fancy Crave are free of copyright restrictions and really well done. All that required is that you never advertise the photographs as your own, and provide attribution when and if you can. With new photos uploaded daily it will be a while before you can’t find what you need. proudly claims that it’s “not your typical crappy stock photo site.” I agree. In fact, it has really pushed the envelope, hundreds of new images appearing weekly. With such an interesting and versatile you can be forgiven for spending hours online. All the work is copyright exempt and free to use.
Founded in November 2010 by Hans Braxmeier,  it is a international website for sharing high quality public domain photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and film footage. As of September 2016, Pixabay offers over 750,000 free photos, illustrations, and vectors and 3,100 videos.