How a Business Support Specialist Can Save Your Business Money

If you are a small business owner, then the chances are that you do not have a huge budget to allocate for hiring staff and getting specialist assistance. This is where you should consider the benefits of outsourcing those tasks to Business Support Specialists.
Many times we have heard business owners state that they cannot afford to have extra staff so think it is a more cost effective option to the do the work themselves. Surely the time is better spent working on your business, doing things you are good at; rather than working in the business, getting stressed and bogged down on tasks that are not your area of expertise?
To clarify how a Business Support Specialist can make this work for you, here are a few (but not all) ways they can assist:
  • They are sub-contractors and so they work on an “as needed” basis. You only pay for what time you actually use. You will not have to pay superannuation, tax obligations and leave payments such as annual, sick, long-service etc.
  • They usually work from their own office – so all office equipment and expenses are paid for by the Business Support Specialist.
  • An experienced Business Support Specialist is able to bring their knowledge of working with other clients directly into your business. Optimising your business processes and making recommendations for business efficiency.
  • Managing and screening enquiries via phone and email is a huge time saver for business owners and a Business Support Specialist can prioritise your list of follow ups. This means urgent matters are dealt with promptly and your customer service levels remain high.
  • They will have the most up to date software and this will save you from purchasing additional software and having to spend time learning how to use it.
  • There are so many apps and web based software programs on the market today – your Business Support Specialist can work on the best options for your business model and set these up with simple instructions to get you using your devices efficiently to save you precious time in your day.

They should have access to multiple quality suppliers and can suggest ways to find your business the most cost effective options.

Case Study:
Business Owner A required a new Policy and Procedures Manual in electronic format. She decided to design the template for the manual herself and create an index, type up all the required policies and procedures, proof read and index and then store electronically. This was a lengthy process as she was unable to give it her full attention as she was trying to attend to her clients at the same time (sound familiar?) and the finished product took a long time to achieve and not to the standard she wanted. This resulted in a great deal of unproductive, non income generating time being wasted and dissatisifation with the end product.
A job that took over 40 hours to complete.
Had Business Owner A used a Business Support Specialist a selection of pre-designed templates would have been presented for the business owner to choose from, the typing would have occurred over an agreed period of time, with excellent proofing and indexing. These would then be stored electronically and instructions issued. The business owner would have had a professional, finished product in less than half the amount of time.
Cost Analysis:
Business Owner A charges her clients $100 per hour. This job took over 40 hours. That totals a massive $4000 plus the hours that she was unable to work on income producing client work. A very negative result.
Had Business Owner A used a Business Support Specialist who charges $45 per hour and the job only taking 20 hours the outlay would have reduced to $900! You would also be able to add back in the hours the Business Owner was available to work on her client work – these are positive income generating hours.