Do you suffer from “The Chaos Factor?”

Do these issues sound familiar?
  • You are in rut and can’t break free from your business admin
  • Your office is in chaos and you are disorganised
  • You to-do list just gets bigger and bigger and you can’t seem to achieve anything
We like to call this “The Chaos Factor”
It really is the difference between a small business being able to grow or being stuck in limbo. Statistics show that small business owners spend on average one third of their time dealing with administrative tasks, rather than focusing on the core of their business.
That is a lot of time! If you have an average working week of 40 hours (haha – I’m sure most small business owners spend way more time than that!) that means you spend approximately 13 hours per week doing ‘stuff’ that is not growing your business. Crazy!
How much better would it be to outsource that work to a professional and organised assistant who will work with you on utilising the most up to date methods and software, and more importantly won’t take 13 hours to do it! This frees up that time for the small business owner to get back to what they enjoy and grow their business.
How do you fix this?
A review and planning session is often the key element to eliminating The Chaos Factor for good.
We like to offer all new clients a Free 30 Minute Intro Session to see how we can get started on regaining control of the admin beast!
So what are you waiting for?
Contact us today to book in your Free 30 Minute Intro Session.