About us

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Your Hive helps business thrive.

Improve productivity and profitability with a complete solution to administration, marketing and brand experience. With combined expertise of over 37 years, founders Natalie Lane and Katrina Thomson bring depth and breadth to their business, having both run their own successful businesses before forming Your Hive.
With a nimble approach to outsourcing, they are a dynamic pairing that fuse in-depth system knowledge with business acumen and warm professionalism. Natalie and Katrina have a team working in specialist areas from social media to bookkeeping.
Their approach is simple. Every client has one point of contact who manages everything they need. That means no mixed messages, because your point of contact is your go-to person. You can depend on Your Hive to create clarity from chaos, streamlining workflows and creating efficiencies that bring structure, organisation and order to your world.


Our Vision:

To be the go-to organisation for productivity strategies, systematisation and efficiency solutions that deliver transformational results in the lives of business professionals.

Our Mission:

To simplify systems, create efficiencies and unleash the power of your business.


Natalie and Katrina are driven by a burning desire to enable their clients to thrive and grow. They believe in taking a deep-dive into your business and understanding your goals, needs, frustrations and joys.
It’s their pleasure to see you feel lighter as they take away the frustrations that are holding you back. Your Hive help you conquer the painful, mundane and tedious tasks, replacing them with smooth and efficient systems.
Their vision is your success – are you ready to simplify?



Natalie Lane – Director and Co-Founder. A big picture thinker with a knack for getting into the details, Natalie brings this unique combination to everything she does as Director of Your Hive. She is energetic, efficient, and has 20-years’ experience helping clients find the perfect business management solutions to achieve their goals. She is an earlier adopter and can confidently adapt to technology of all kinds. She enjoys learning about the latest in digital and online organisational systems, and sharing her knowledge with clients.

Katrina Thomson – Director and Co-Founder. Steering the team with Natalie is Katrina, an untiring leader with keen business acumen. A system and processes connoisseur, Katrina loves nothing more than seeing solutions click into place for Your Hive’s clients. She is particularly skilled in marketing, events and logistics. Driven, passionate and headstrong, Katrina uses her 17-years of business management experience to lead the Your Hive team and develop bespoke solutions to achieve client’s goals.